About us


Does parcel logistics present a challenge to you? Do parcels get lost, does their delivery take too long? At Last Mile Logistics, we believe things can be different. In fact, we have been proving this ever since our company was founded in 2012. We make the entire process surrounding parcel logistics reliable, flexible and simple. No matter where, and with complete freedom of choice for everyone – inside and outside of the Netherlands.

Flexible for everyone

We now support large postal services providers with smart parcel machines. While these interact with the user in a service-oriented manner, cloud software and apps make the clear communication experience complete. In dedicated environments – such as apartment complexes – we integrate our technology and electronics seamlessly with parcel machines. Central post room employees in turn benefit from scanners and QR codes provided by a system developed by us.

Tailor-made logistics solutions

What it all boils down to is that we can support you. Not by offering you a complete parcel machine straight away, but by sitting down with you and listening closely to exactly what you need. What are the specific challenges you face? What would make life easier for you? We can then supply tailor-made solutions on the basis of this. And support you in a highly specific manner, as your logistics technology partner.

What is it that you need?

On this website, you will find several examples of our previous projects. But it could be that you are thinking of something very different. Just let us know! We are more than happy to contribute to strongly innovative ideas – such as the robot car by Buddy Mobility for Posten-Norge. An autonomous, self-driving postal and parcel delivery vehicle, with our parcel machine technology on board: we’re pretty proud of that – although you really won’t catch us blowing our own trumpet too much.

Last Mile Logistics is your technology partner.
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