In Norway, a robot drives through the landscape. Autonomously – there is no driver. The robot delivers parcels house-to-house, helping the Posten-Norge postal services company save money. Or you could say, achieving efficiency through innovation. Developed by Buddy Mobility. And using Last Mile Logistics parcel machine technology.

Your innovative partner

A parcel robot like this one in Norway: this is exactly what drives us. Technology in the service of convenience. Of making savings. Getting more done in less time thanks to reliable, flexible solutions. Technology can be a marvellous thing in itself, but at the end of the day it needs to achieve something. And this is where our motivation lies as an innovative technology partner for virtually every solution.

Parcel machine technology for all sorts

How about – for example – centrally stocking parcel machines at easily accessible locations throughout the country? Engineers who travel a lot can access these at any time, day or night. Or how about parcel machines with lockers that can be kept at a temperature close to or below zero degrees. Couriers can then deliver shopping ordered online – or medicines – to these.

Your ideas? We’d love to hear them

What we want to say is: be creative. Challenge us. Ask us about the possibilities for your solution. Our parcel logistics technology means you can do more than you think. And if something just doesn’t seem possible yet, we are more than happy to work towards making new ideas reality.

Your project can’t be too innovative for us.
Let us know your dreams, and we’ll help make them reality.